About Us

About Us

1. The World’s First Halal Angels Network (HAN) was launched to promote Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Startups to tap $5 trillion, Halal consumer market and would grow to USD 9.71 trillion by 2025. It was launched during the COVID-19 pandemic to help investors, businesses, entrepreneurs & startups overcome these challenging times.

2. It is founded by Indian American Dr. Tausif Malik, who is a serial entrepreneur based out of Pune, India, and Chicago, USA. India is the biggest manufacturer of Halal consumer goods and has huge market opportunities in the Middle East, North Africa, and Southeast Asia. Halal Angels Network would be the 1st Angels Network backed by Blockchain technology.

3. Halal Angels Network (HAN) is project, initiative and established promoted and, owned by TMA Worldwide, INDIA.

4. Halal Angels Network (HAN) is based on the traditional Angels Network format, where Angel and Startups network with each other.

5. There is a huge difference between Angels Network & Venture Capital firms.

6. Venture Capital companies raise capital from different sources and then they fund startups.

7. Angels Networks don't raise capital and, to fund startups, they are just a private network where they signup to become a member of the Angels Network.

8. Halal Angels Network (HAN) is self -funded and we are not seeking investment in our organization.

9. Angels are independent and they invest in the Startups by doing their due diligence, Halal Angel Network doesn't endorse or promote any startup for investment.

10. Halal Angels Network (HAN) has partnered with Delio, leading Fintech company for transparency regarding the deal flow & transparency.

11. Halal Angels Network (HAN) has a Board of Advisors and Consultants.

12. Halal Angels Network (HAN) has partnered with Halal Board India.

13. Halal Angels Network (HAN) has defined business strategy and would announce events, projects, and initiatives, etc as per our business road map.


Experienced and seasoned investors and entrepreneurs || Experienced Board of Advisors & Team || Unique ecosystem || Network || Strategic || partnerships || Mentorship

Areas of Interest

Future Technologies (Blockchain, Fintech AI, etc) || Modest Fashion || Cosmetics || Retail || Pharmaceuticals || Food Cafe & Restaurants || Processed Food || Tourism || Agriculture || E-Commerce || Education || Financial Services || Healthcare || Manufacturing || Mobile || Retail || Semiconductor
The Network aims at investing up to USD 2 Million


The Network is likely to invest in startups that meet the following criteria

Ethical / Halal || Socially relevant || Scalable || Members can invest as low as $10,000.00 in certain deals. || In case for a large, a may syndicate the investment with other investor groups would be solicited