The World’s First Halal Angels Network to promote Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Startups to tap $5 trillion, Halal consumer market. Register to invest in Halal & Ethical Businesses & Startups

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Meet & network with like-minded investors across the globe. Invest in Halal & Ethical Businesses & Startups Mentor & Advise entrepreneurs who want to impact the new economy and old economy. Opportunities to invest entire or part of the deal with like-minded investors.

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Curated Startups

Curated Startups helps in easy quick decision making



Exclusive deals for the Angels.



Scalability of the business due to experts on board.



Management of the entire deal execution process.

Events & Training

Events & Training

Networking events, workshops and training to invest & manage the portfolio..


Due diligence & Supervision

Managing the investment with Due diligence & supervision for better outcomes.


Our tried and tested selection process ensures you have the best deals presented to you.

  1. Step -Showcase Event:
    A startup showcase event will be held every 6-12 weeks (depending on the deal flow) where the shortlisted companies will pitch to the investors with a 20-minute resentation, followed by Q&A
  2. Step -Expression of Interest:
    All members present will discuss each investment including their concerns. Interested angels may form a sub-group for each company.
  3. Step -Nominate a lead:
    Each subgroup will then nominate a lead who will lead all discussions on deal valuation, structure and closure with the entrepreneur – the network team & the lead investor will be the sole point of contact for the entrepreneur.
  4. Step -Decision to invest:
    Each subgroup member will then make a decision if they would like to invest in the given opportunity.
  5. Step -Deal execution & Board Seat:
    The network team will then work on executing the deal including due diligence. Once the investment decision has been made, the subgroup of investors will decide on who among them will represent the group on the board of the company – depending on their ability to mentor and guide the company and/or their sector expertise. Such a board member may receive stock options in the company by the entrepreneur.
  6. Step -Post investment monitoring support:
    The network will regularly monitor the progress of the portfolio companies and send the reports to the subgroup of investors. All members present will discuss each investment


The World’s First Halal Angels Network to promote Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Startups to tap $5 trillion, Halal consumer market.
All individuals and institutions who have an interest in investing in early stage Halal & Ethical Businesses & Startups Members get access to curated startups for investment and mentoring.
Macing application on the website
After review of the applicant, membership would be approved.
We encourage current members for referral by an existing member.
The Applicants (Investor/Angels) credentials would be verified based on the details provided by them in the application form.
Networking, Events & Training to help the Angels learn from each other & experts. Startup showcase to help understand the business opportunities. Invest small to learn, broaden your portfolio. Read industry news and discuss the same with the members and management.
Yes, Members pay annual membership fees.
Every Member is independent and free to make his / her own investment decision on any investment opportunity. Members will discuss each investment opportunity at/after the showcases and seek additional information, if required. Halal Angels Network will then seek in-principle commitments from interested Investors, subject to completion of due diligence and documentation. Interested group of Members may nominate a ‘Lead’ member to lead discussions on valuation and transaction structure with the entrepreneur. A term-sheet will be executed between the Investors and the company on finalization of the terms.
Halal Angels Network would coordinate with the entrepreneur and the Lead Member / investing Members to facilitate in conclusion of the the transaction. The Network team will thereafter support in coordinating the due diligence activities, structuring and legal documentation.

Halal Angels Network will provide standard documentation templates including term-sheets as SHAs. The Network proposes to work with preferred accounting and legal firm partners for the transactions.
No. As members are supposed to make independent investments decisions and they can make their decisions with the syndicate/group of Members, who want to pool in their capital for investment, may do so through entities they organize.
The members are encouraged to participate in extending their experience, support, advice and contacts to the startups, where they have invested.

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